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Georgia Arts Network

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February 1, 2021    by  ‣  0 comments

Social Impact of Arts

The arts also play a significant social role in a community. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated the positive relationship between the arts and social impact. Cities with a higher concentration of the arts have lower poverty rates, higher child welfare, more social cohesion, and higher civic engagement. The arts also help boost welfare. Approximately half of the healthcare institutions in the United States offer arts programming for staff, patients, and even families. Seventy-eight percent of the health institutions offer these programs due to their healing advantages to patients –less medication, shorter hospital stays, and better pain management. The arts also improve the well-being and health of the nation’s military. The arts help cure the moral, mental, and physical injuries of war for veterans and military service members. Creative arts therapies are one of the top medical interventions and treatments. The arts also increase resilience during the reintegration of veterans, military service members, caregivers, and their families into society, as well as during deployment and redeployment.

One of the major challenges facing the arts industry is unequal access. Big, mainstream arts institutions that were assigned nonprofit status and created to serve the public good, now feel like exclusive country clubs. At the same time a new, dynamic age of artists living outside their walls, and the diverse communities in which they work and live are systematically being denied cultural legitimation and access to resources. This clearly paints the cultural picture of inequality and the haves and have-nots. And with public funding drained by demand, the government can do little to alleviate this situation. That is why it is important to have organizations such as the Georgia Arts Network whose objective is to promote the arts and make it accessible to all that would like to enjoy the benefits it provides.

Another challenge facing the arts industry is inadequate meaningful engagement. The Georgia Arts Network ensures that its members and art enthusiasts remain actively engaged by providing recent news about events in the arts community. They also have a detailed calendar for arts events taking place in the state.
Another major challenge is that the professional, nonprofits arts have widely become transactional, commodified, homogeneous, and subject to demand and supply like other aspects of the United States society. The Georgia Arts Network strives to be different by embracing the value system represented by the arts that is no longer upheld or recognized in society and some parts of the arts industry.

The Georgia Arts Network plays a crucial role in ensuring that the arts remain relevant and alive in Georgia. It advocates for the arts and brings people together to connect, and by doing so strengthens the arts in the community. The Georgia Arts Network provides significant gains to the community since by promoting the arts it helps people to connect, be filled with awe, awakened to true beauty, and inspired to be better human beings.