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Social Impact of Arts

The arts also play a significant social role in a community. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated the positive relationship between the arts and social impact. Cities with a higher concentration of the arts have lower poverty rates, higher child welfare, more social cohesion, and higher civic engagement. The arts also help boost welfare. Approximately half of the healthcare institutions in the United States offer arts programming for staff, patients, and even families. Seventy-eight percent of the health institutions offer these programs due to their healing advantages to patients –less medication, shorter hospital stays, and better pain management. The arts also improve the well-being and health of the nation’s military. The arts help cure the moral, mental, and physical injuries of war for veterans and military service members. Creative arts therapies are one of the top medical interventions and treatments. The arts also increase resilience during the reintegration of veterans, military service members, caregivers, and their families into society, as well as during deployment and redeployment.

One of the major challenges facing the arts industry is unequal access. Big, mainstream arts institutions that were assigned nonprofit status and created to serve the public good, now feel like exclusive country clubs. At the same time a new, dynamic age of artists living outside their walls, and the diverse communities in which they work and live are systematically being denied cultural legitimation and access to resources. This clearly paints the cultural picture of inequality and the haves and have-nots. And with public funding drained by demand, the government can do little to alleviate this situation. That is why it is important to have organizations such as the Georgia Arts Network whose objective is to promote the arts and make it accessible to all that would like to enjoy the benefits it provides.

Another challenge facing the arts industry is inadequate meaningful engagement. The Georgia Arts Network ensures that its members and art enthusiasts remain actively engaged by providing recent news about events in the arts community. They also have a detailed calendar for arts events taking place in the state.
Another major challenge is that the professional, nonprofits arts have widely become transactional, commodified, homogeneous, and subject to demand and supply like other aspects of the United States society. The Georgia Arts Network strives to be different by embracing the value system represented by the arts that is no longer upheld or recognized in society and some parts of the arts industry.

The Georgia Arts Network plays a crucial role in ensuring that the arts remain relevant and alive in Georgia. It advocates for the arts and brings people together to connect, and by doing so strengthens the arts in the community. The Georgia Arts Network provides significant gains to the community since by promoting the arts it helps people to connect, be filled with awe, awakened to true beauty, and inspired to be better human beings.…

Art to Unite – Georgia Arts Network

The arts also help lift up communities. It unifies communities regardless of ethnicity, age, or race. It helps people to better understand cultures that are different than their own. This observation is the same across all economic and demographic categories. The arts also play a big role in improving academic performance. Students who participate in the arts generally have low drop-out rates, college-going rates, standardized test scores, and GPAs. These academic gains are enjoyed by students regardless of their socio-economic status. Close to 90% of the American population believes that the arts are an indispensable part of a well-rounded education. Unfortunately, some demographics are at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing an arts education. For instance, students of color have significantly lower access to an arts education than white students.

The arts help strengthen the economy. For example, In 2015, the production of all cultural and art products in the United States added over $760 billion to the nation’s economy, including an international trade surplus of $21 –representing a 4.2% share of the country’s economy. Every year, the nonprofit arts industry creates over $160 billion — spending by audiences and organizations — which generates over $27 billion in government revenue and supports over 4 million jobs. The arts drive revenue and tourism to local businesses. Individuals who attend nonprofit arts events usually spend about $31 per event, without counting other items such as the cost of admission, meals, babysitters, parking, etc. This business traffic is very helpful for local businesses. A large portion of people who attend arts events in Georgia come from different parts of the country, this brings in money from outside into the local economy. Arts travelers are the perfect kind of tourists, they spend more and stay longer to seek authentic cultural experiences.

The arts spark innovation and creativity. Creativity is among the leading applied skills that business leaders look for when scouting for new talent. More than 70% of businesses feel that creativity is one of the most important things a new hire can bring to the team. Studies On creativity have revealed that Nobel laureates in the sciences are seventeen times more likely to be active in the arts than other scientists. Arts are the driving engine of the creative industries. The creative industries include design companies, architecture, for-profit firms, theatres, symphonies, and nonprofit museums. A study by Dun and Bradstreet revealed that 673,656 companies in the United States were involved in the distribution or creation of the arts in 2017.…

The Georgia Arts Network and Its Importance to the Art Community

Established in 1979, the Georgia Arts Network is an organization that serves art supporters and the art community across Georgia. The mission of the Georgia Arts Network is to connect, advocate for, and strengthen the arts, arts education, and artists in Georgia.

According to data from the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis, the culture and arts industry is worth more than $700 billion, which accounts for more than 4% of the United States’s GDP. In fact, the arts and culture industry has a larger share of the economy than construction, agriculture, tourism, and transportation. The data takes into account the full extent of the country’s arts and culture industries –university education programs, entertainment, commercial, public sector, nonprofit, etc. It also takes into account the value-added aspect of event-related consumption by arts audiences. More than 670,000 businesses across the United States are involved in the distribution or creation of the arts, employing over 3 million people or more than 2% of the American workforce. These statistics show that the arts are widely distributed among our communities and are a formidable business. Art companies and the creative individuals they employ boosts the competitiveness of the United States by stimulating innovation and play a crucial role in developing and sustaining the country’s economic vibrancy.

The Georgia Arts Network is committed to its mission, membership, services, and advocacy for the arts across the state. The organization has witnessed various changes in the last several years. In 2020, the Georgia Arts Network took up the mantle as the designated official arts advocacy entity in Georgia by the Americans for the Arts. This reflected the arts community’s growing interest at the federal stage. Initially, the organization was known as the Georgia Assembly of Community Arts Agencies but later changed it to the Georgia Arts Network. The name change was accompanied by a broadening of the organization’s objective to become a powerful voice for arts supporters, arts educators, arts organizations, and artists in Georgia. The organization also became twice as dedicated to the mission of arts advocacy at the state, federal, and local levels.

The organization’s website features recent news about events in the arts community. The organization’s website also features information about membership, as well as upcoming events and programs. It also features an expansive statewide arts calendar and much more. The Georgia Arts Network hosts an arts conference every year at the Hudgens Arts Center, sponsored by the generous folks at Fair Collections and Outsourcing. It also holds an arts advocacy day annually at the state capital facilitates a pre-screened consultant Consultant Bank at a very reasonable price to arts organizations. The Georgia Arts Network always strives to expand its network of partner organizations and members to promote the cause of the arts as a conservator of the history of Georgia’s proud culture and a powerful and dynamic force in the region’s economy.

No matter which path you choose to walk in life, the arts are indispensable. They inspire and ennoble us — fostering beauty, creativity, and goodness. The arts help us express our values, build bridges between different cultures, and bring us joy. The arts are also an integral aspect of a healthy society — strengthening them educationally, economically, and socially — gains that persist in challenging economic and social times. Many people believe that the arts improve their individual well being. More than 60% of the population feel that art lifts them beyond everyday experiences, while more than 70% find the arts to be extremely delightful to participate in and experience. More than 80% feel that the arts help boost positivity in an otherwise troubled world.…